Kendrick Lamar – FEEL. Lyrics

Kendrick Lamar FEEL Lyrics

I feel like a chip on my shoulders
I feel like I’m losin’ my focus
I feel like I’m losin’ my patience
I feel like my thought’s in a basement
Feel like, I feel like you’re miseducated
Feel like I don’t wanna be bothered
I feel like you may be the problem
I feel like it ain’t no tomorrow, fuck the world
The world has ended, I’m done pretendin’
And fuck you if you get offended
I feel like friends been overrated
I feel like the family been fakin’
I feel like the feelings are changin’
Feel like my thought of compromised is jaded
Feel like you wanna scrutinize how I made it
Feel like I ain’t feelin’ you all
Feel like removin’ myself, no feelings involved
I feel for you, I been in the field for you, it’s real for you, right
Shit, I feel like ain’t nobody prayin’ for me
Ain’t nobody prayin’ for me
Ain’t nobody prayin’ for me
Ain’t nobody prayin’

I feel n***** been out of pocket
I feel n***** tappin’ they pockets
I feel like debatin’ on who the greatest can stop it
I am legend, I feel like all of y’all is peasants
I feel like all of y’all is desperate
I feel like all it take is a second to feel like
Mike Jordan, whenever holdin’ a real mic
I ain’t feelin’ your presence
Feel like I’ma learn you a lesson
Feel like only me and the music though
I feel like your feelin’ ain’t mutual
I feel like the enemy you should know
Feel like the feelin’ of no hope
The feelin’ of bad dope
A quarter ounce manipulated from soap
The feelin’, the feelin’ of false freedom
I’ll force feed ’em the poison to fill ’em up in the prison
I feel like it’s just me, look
I feel like I can’t breathe, look
I feel like I can’t sleep, look
I feel heartless often off this feelin’ of fallin’
I’m fallin’ apart when darkest hours losted
Fillin’ the void of bein’ employed with ballin’
Streets is talkin’, fill in the blanks with coffins
Fill up the banks with dollars
Fill up the graves with fathers
Fill up the babies with bullshit
Internet blogs and pulpit
Fill them with gossip
I feel like this gotta be the feelin’ where ‘Pac was
The feelin’ of an apocalypse happenin’, but nothin’ is awkward
The feelin’ won’t prosper
The feelin’ is toxic
I feel like I’m boxin’ demons, monsters, false prophets, schemin’ sponsors, industry promises
N*****, bitches, honkies, crackers, Compton
Church, religion, token blacks in bondage
Lawsuit visits, subpoena served in concert
Fuck your feelings, I mean, this for imposters
I can feel it, the phoenix sure to watch us
I can feel it, the dream is more than process
I can build a regime that forms a Loch Ness
I can feel it, the scream that haunts a logic

I feel like saying something, I feel like taking something
I feel like skatin’ off, I feel like waitin’ for ’em
Maybe it’s too late for him
I feel like the whole world want me to pray for ’em
But who the fuck prayin’ for me?
Ain’t nobody prayin’ for me
Who prayin’ for me?
Ain’t nobody prayin’

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