Kano Hisbah bans the use of mannequins by tailors, boutiques


Kano Hisbah bans use of mannequins by tailors boutiques

The Kano State Hisbah Board, established to maintain the norms of Sharia, on Wednesday, announced the ban on mannequins used by tailors, supermarkets, and boutiques to display clothes.

The government agency is set to raid the state to remove the articulated dolls on the grounds that they are used for idolatry and immoral activities.


The Commander, Sheikh Aroun ibn Sina declared that the use of mannequins contravened the provision of Islamic injunctions.

“Hisbah prohibits the use of mannequins at shops, commercial and private residences and other public places.


“This violates Islamic provisions. It is also responsible for immoral thoughts among some members of the public, all these are against Islam”, Tribune quoted him as saying.


Sina said Kano has been divided into five areas for the effective monitoring and implementation of the ban.


The commander added that the people will be sensitized on how Islam frowns on the use of dolls.


Those who fail to comply with the order, he warned, will be arrested and prosecuted.