Julia Jacklin – Moviegoer Lyrics

Julia Jacklin Moviegoer Lyrics

It opens with a wide shot
The scene is bare, dry and hot
There’s a vintage car
Outside of a bar
Someone thin is smoking
With a look all-knowing
Probably dressed in black
In act two, they crack

Moviegoer’s twenty dollars down
Loves to throw their film knowledge around the workplace
Movie director is going down too
Twenty million dollars, still nobody understands you

Where the grass is greener
Kitchen bench top’s cleaner
There’s no rubbish here
No physical fear
The family dog is younger
With a healthy liver
They can run real fast
This time avoid the cars

Moviegoer’s forty dollars down
Nobody from work invites them ’round for dinner
Movie director is going down too
Forty million dollars, still nobody loves you

Moving through the city
Somebody runs into me
They apologise
I apologise
We are both so sorry
They say, “Come on, try it on me
If you can say it to a stranger
You can call your sister later”

Moviegoer’s 60 dollars down now
Watching the ship go down with the hero
Movie director is going down to
The bar on the corner hoping to meet someone new

  • Written by: Julia Jacklin
  • Album: Pre Pleasure
  • Released: 2022
  • Official Video:

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