Jim Jones & Fabolous – Coke Zero Freestyle Lyrics

Jim Jones & Fabolous Coke Zero Freestyle Lyrics

Yesterday’s price is not today’s price
Not at all, uh
Like, like—like, crack—crack, like, like
Like, li—li—crack, crack, crack
How you— How you gon’ charge me
What I was chargin’ yesterday, nigga
Thumbin’ that shit all night

Yesterday’s price is not today’s yay’s price (Negative)
It’s forty-seven K just to get a K of white
Told ’em shorty don’t play, I had this .40 sprayin’ light
Got the switch on that shit, they had thought I sprayed the pipe
Pumpin’ the ‘caine like some sort of eighties night (Call that)
Sneakin’ that white girl in my room just so she can stay the night
crooks, just like comic books, I got some coke heroes
Mix the ‘caine with the Aspartame, call that Coke Zero (Nasty)
All hail the drug runners, I’m missin’ all my drug summers
Blow it up and break it down on her, block doing pluck numbers
I was in VA like Pusha T but I was pushin’ C (Aw)
I know some young thugs, I got some gunners that be pushin’ C (What’s up, slime?)
Have you rappers, you all pussy, like (I mean that)
Your bitch know the rules, the crack costs money but that pussy is free (Ooh)
Jesus warpin’ the coke just like a pair of Yeezys kick (Ye, what up?)
Give me five hundred grams, I guarantee, nigga
Give me five hundred grams, I guarantee that we gon’ see a brick
I get you whacked to keep a hundred, that’s a easy hit (Ah)
Bitch, I could start a car with these keys
I take a couple of those and bought a new car with the Bs (Skrrt, skrrt)
Pardon my sleeve, I ain’t mean to get no water on you (Trippin’)
You ain’t never cook it up, break a and get that water on you
Bitch, I’m tryna tell you, I’m from the gutter side
I felt ‘s pain when he found out his brother died (I felt that)

Fuck it, I really felt that, though (Ayo)
You really in the hood like that, so (Ayo)
You know? We back at it, though (Ayo)
Just like cooked crack

Ayo, yesterday’s price is not today’s price
And yesterday’s life is not today’s life
You know yesterday’s wife, but that’s not today’s wife
‘Cause now they aftermath like Dr. Dre’s
Look, a hustler gone broke, that’s a joke, right? (Joke, right?)
Good on all that, yeah, that’s GOAT life (GOAT life)
Stop and go low, it go on-off, broke light
Got the red, got the green, call that shit Coke Sprite
Wanna lean on me like I’m Joe Clark, don’t ya?
Had them fiends on the roof like you smoke crack, don’t ya?
She say when you freestyle, you get your flow back, don’t ya?
See, these Louis jerseys look like the throwbacks, don’t ya?
This is ’03 Fab mixed with OG Fab
This is gold teeth Fab with the goatee Fab
I’m in love with the CroCo like I’m O.T. Fab
Haters keep my nuts in they mouth, no tea bag
Used to break that thing down in the old Z bags
Now I’m ridin’ through my city with some OT tags
I’ve been doin’ too much, I’m in my OD bag
My shorty body S type like that OG jag, yeah
(‘Member that?) That’s way before your time (Yeah)
That was when I used to spell my name before my rhyme (Efe)
Blicky close so it won’t be my time before my time (Brr)
So play with the killer, you’ll get shot before the lines, nigga

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