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I am a prostitute to one man – Aisha Yesufu



I am a prostitute to one man Aisha YesufuHuman rights activists, Social media influencer and one of the #endsars front liners Aisha Yesufu has revealed in an interview with BBC pidgin Nigeria that she asked her husband out. The Bring back our girls #BBOG convener, reveals that she was given birth in the slum areas (Ghetto) and as such is not afraid of fights. She says social media bullies and trolls who comment and have negative opinions about her looks do not get to her, as she is a born fighter.

Expressing herself in the pidgin language she says:

I grew up in the Ghetto where there was a scarcity of food. Though my father was rich, he took care of us but he lost everything.

She also made reference to the fact that she is not all serious, because she jokes a lot.


Addressing trolls she says

When I come across trolls bullying me and calling me ugly, I laugh. When I was growing up, we didn’t have food to eat, we resorted to eating insults. You know, when people are idle, they resort to fighting.

Talking about her character, the Kano-born Etsako woman says” People do not know that I am a control freak. I like being in charge of everything I get involved in.

Speaking on her relationship she reveals that she had always made the first move, she reveals how she was rejected by a secondary schoolmate named Uche.

Then speaking on how she met her husband, she says, she asked him out she wanted him to see her as a wife, not a girlfriend.

She also reveals that she never refuses her husband’s sexual advances at her as he himself will testify to it. She reveals that she delegates other chores and domestic duties to other people, but her primary delegation of satisfying her husband sexually belongs to her.

On her final note, she advises young women to make the first move if they see men they admire


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