How to Relocate to the US on Studying from Nigeria

How to Relocate to the US on Studying from Nigeria

Over the years, Nigerians have been migrating to the United States in search of education and employment. The U.S is popular for its adventurous sense, great colleges and universities, and technological advancements.

Nigerian immigrants are highly educated due to their high level of participation in the labor force. The growing population of Nigerians in the US has created the need for strong support systems to ensure smooth relocation into the country. Read on to understand how to relocate to the U.S. from Nigeria.

As a Nigerian looking to study in the US, you will require an F-1 student visa. This visa is customized for students who are seeking to start studying in the US. You need to understand the process of securing the visa before deciding whether to proceed with studies abroad.

It is good to allow some time for visa application. After being enrolled in a university, you can start the application process, preferably three months before the commencement of the program. You will be required to submit your application, create a profile and pay the required fee.

After that, schedule book an appointment at the Nigerian embassy to provide biometrics and be interviewed. The biometrics include photos and fingerprinting and are needed for security reasons.

The F-1 Student Visa is valid for the entire course duration and an additional two months. If you want to continue staying in the United States after completing your course, consider applying for another visa via the immigration office.

The immigrant visa

After deciding to relocate to the US from Nigeria, you will need to secure an immigrant visa or apply for a waiver. After that, visit the US embassy and pay the visa fees. You need to keep the payment receipt number safe because it will be needed when booking for your visa appointment interview.

As you wait for the interview, do some background research and establish the most suitable ways of completing essays and assignments upon the commencement of your studies. You can review the online assignment writing services suitable for US students.

Homework help for students

After relocating from Nigeria to the US, you need to be prepared to do your best in your studies. Studying in the US involves attending lectures, taking notes, writing assignments, essays, and dissertations. One of the best ways to write quality essays and assignments is by considering homework help by EduBirdie. The team of professionals will be ready to address any kind of essay or homework and are keen on the quality and timeliness of the submissions.

The interview appointment

Scheduling the interview appointment is also a critical issue during the relocation. You will be required to submit your passport number, receipt number for visa fee payment, and the barcode number as it appears on the DS-160 confirmation page.

Select the type of visa, add defendants, enter your personal details, confirm payment and choose the delivery location of your document as you book the appointment. Ensure that the details in the form are complete and accurate.

You may also need the statement of your bank account. This must be well-funded with activity proofs on it. Your sponsor’s bank statement may also be required and should also be well-funded and active.

The interview

The visa interview takes place at the US embassy, where you will be required to submit all the necessary documents. Acquit yourself with the interview skills, avoid patronizing the interviewing officer, dress moderately and maintain good eye contact.

Observe fluency when answering the questions, making references to important things in your application. If your visa is approved or granted, it will be delivered to the drop-off location you have indicated earlier. You may need to have a US citizen to invite you and they will act as your sponsor and a “migration ticket’.

Other parties’ sponsorship

A fiancée visa, also called AK-1 visa, permits partners who are engaged to migrate to the United States as long as they get married within 90 days. The US permanent resident will be required to fill in form 1-129F.

Relocating from Nigeria to the US with a spouse is an excellent idea, but you need to find a balance between family and academics. Search for online assignment help services that can complete assignments and essays for you.

Consider UK for relocation

An alternative country to relocate to in search of higher education is the United Kingdom. You can choose EduBirdie in the UK as your preferred assignment service provider because they provide timely help and premium quality to students. The assignment help for Nigerian students is available at an affordable cost. As such, you don’t have to worry about thesis or dissertation submission after migrating to the Uk.EduBirdie has a team of experienced and committed professionals who can handle different assignment topics.

Medical requirements

All visa applicants must undergo a medical examination by an approved panel physician from the embassy. You will be instructed by the embassy of NVC about the process of scheduling the exam appointment.

If you underwent Montessori education in Nigeria, adjusting to the new education system in the USA will be easier. The education system will have exposed you to life situations via significant emotional support and rigorous training. The emotional exposure can enable you to appreciate the need for medical examination in preparation for US relocation.


As a Nigerian student, it is possible to relocate by adhering to the above steps and procedures. As an international student, you can secure education from the world’s largest and top-ranked Universities and even find employment in the US. The Universities here are ready to admit students regularly and this allows you to earn a degree in any subject ranging from computer science, engineering, teaching, and psychology, and so on.

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