About 2 000 people applied for R350 grant per minute on first day, says Sassa


The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) said thousands of people had already started applying for the COVID-19 grant on the first day of applications.

The agency on Friday said the process got off to a slow start due to excessive traffic on its website in the morning.

Sassa spokesperson Paseka Letsatsi said they had about 2,000 people applying per minute.

He said they then added two new online channels in order to ease the pressure on the website.

“Both the WhatsApp line and website are working, but we wanted to manage the traffic, we found another option we can utilize.”

Sassa said applications opened at 9 am on Friday and in 45 minutes, the utilization of the server hosting the website was above 95%.

He added that people should not do the applications all at once as there was still a lot of time to do so: “We want to make it clear that today is not the first and the last day, you have the entire month to apply.”

The first payments will be processed by the end of this month.

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