G Herbo – What You Need Lyrics

G Herbo What You Need Lyrics

What you need?
What you need? (Swerv)
What you need, baby?
What you need? Aye

We got access to yachts
Jettin’ out the States on jets, we went from jets to drops
We just laughing to the bank, acting like I’m next to pop
Like I ain’t been poppin’ (Aye)
Getting surprised when I drop that bag off like I ain’t been dropping it
All white VVS, flexing Benz keys like I ain’t been hop in it
Postin’ on IG, poppin’ tags in LV like I ain’t been coppin’ it
Wanna ride with a G, baby, just hop on me
We can fuck all night and go on shopping sprees
This shit ain’t easy, so put me at ease
Somewhere far away low key with a breeze

I’m like what up?
What you need? (What you need?)
What you need? (What you need?)
What you need, baby?
What you need?
What you need, baby?
What you need?
What you need?

She just want a trip to Neiman’s
50k, that’s what she dreamed of
I’ma blow that with my demons
Pull up Trackhawks and Demons
I’m just tryna fight my demons
She asked me why I act like I don’t love her
I ain’t have no reasons
She want my bag, watch me run through a million cash ain’t never seen it
Cry for my help but I know she don’t mean it
Hit up my brother, I know that he need it
Gotta admit she a freak like Nicki, she hit me and my brother, I know she be fiending
Thought the little bitch was a P like me
Said she wanna be with me and I thought she was dreaming

I’m like what up?
What you need? What you need?
I ain’t pay you to stay, lil’ bae, I’ma pay you to leave
I’m fitna pay you then leave
Kept my faith, I beat the odds, you gotta believe
Bad lil’ bitch treat me like God, get right on her knees

Aye, aye
I’m in the wide body black Maybach with tints, finna scrape the curb (Swerv)
Too much ice on me, keep the pipe on me, and you know I ain’t nervous
I’m repping the ‘Raq like New Orleans, No Limit Soldier, I know that you heard it
Pull up in SRT’s and coupe GT’s and twenty Suburbans
I was in V.I.Ps and thumbing through G’s when n***** was virgins
I’m still fresh as detergent, still Big Swerv
Still going up, getting digits on n*****
Getting rich on n*****, buying blicks on n***** (Uh-uh)
I’m still shitting on n*****, um
And the house in the hill went up ten mil for a deal on n*****, I swear to God
Thank God I’m here, I was out in that field up that steal on n*****, I swear to God
You was never like me, you was never hard
Even though I’m BP like Teflon
Keep it on me, you dig? Like Stephon
In the A, I be having my way like I’m Trae hopping out with the cig at the Chevron
Ain’t no way I be doing this shit every day, and I be with some n***** don’t play (Aye)
And I’m having this cake in amazing way but ain’t keeping this shit where I lay
I bought me a AK while I’m fighting a case, and I’m keeping this bitch where I lay
Aye, be careful what you say (Bitch)
If you hot don’t get exposed, grab the hose and spray
Drench, slide, slide, slide, slide like some rollerblades
Threw a switch on the AR, he tore his shoulder blade