G-Eazy – Femme Fatale Lyrics

G-Eazy Femme Fatale Lyrics (feat. Coi Leray & Kaliii)

No prejudice
I’m a feminist
Do your thing babe
Friends with benefits
Both toxic
Both treacherous
I might American psycho
My Receptionist

Let’s go somewhere n disappear
Your boyfriends gone so that means we in the clear
Right hand on her neckwhile my left hand steer
Deep throat her eyes Water she pulled down my denim tears

Hit it 1 time
Hit it 2 times
You know what happens by the third hit a few times
Everyone’s got to make a living

Do a little
Show a little
Tease a little
Then take it off

Cause if you do a little
Then show a little
Then tease a little
I might risk it all


Let me take a couple shots and I might give it a try
Yeah this pu**y give him wings and I might get him to fly
G Eazy Wanna Bite and I can see in his eyes
But slow down, don’t rush, baby give it some time
Say he wanna disappear
Told him I don’t do commercial flights, only Lear
Started at the bottom pier, now I’m top tier
And all I drop is hits baby, I don’t drop tears
Listen upbig boy, it’s big Coi
With the big body, I like big toys
Little itty-bitty but I make big noise
Ain’t nobody f**kin with me
I’m the hottest in the city


He a feminist
Know he love the pu**y
Oh he nasty?
I like the sound of that
He say he toxic, I’m twin I can handle that
Sang to this pu**y, But his mic I be rapping that
I been around his idols these ** know how I know how I curve em
Aura heavent sent it’s Mary how imma church em
Treatem like a job it’s crazy hhow imma work em
I’m PPP, pretty, powerful, perfect
He gon do a little, shit ain’t good enough
Tryna wife me, but you ain’t doin much
He was confident, now he tryna double up
It’s f**k girl season, my b****es known for cutting up