Flash back: How Fani-Kayode linked Yusuf’s accident to Biafra struggle, called Buhari ‘Pharaoh’

Femi Fani Kayode

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode who is currently receiving knocks from some Nigerians for attending Yusuf Buhari’s wedding on Friday in Kano, had in 2017 mimicked the president following his son’s ghastly road accident.

Recall that Yusuf Buhari, the only son of the Nigerian leader was involved in a power bike accident on December 27, 2017, in the Gwanripa area of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. He was subsequently flown to Germany where he went through surgery.

Reacting to the accident in 2017, Fani-Kayode said the incident was a signal from God telling the president to grant freedom for Biafra, a secessionist group in Southeastern Nigeria.

The Biafra struggle was at its peak in 2017 when the Federal Government battled the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who was arrested alongside three other secessionists on October 14, 2015, in Lagos but was granted bail in April 2017 before he disappeared to an European country.

The ex-minister, in his reaction as contained in a tweet on his verified Twitter handle and a post on his official Facebook page, likened President Buhari to Pharoah in the Bible who refused to yield to the voice of God to let the people go thereby bringing evil on himself.

His tweet reflected Yusuf’s accident and President Buhari who was constantly having health crises in that period.

“God told Pharaoh to “Let my people go,” Pharaoh asked who He was? God told him “I am the I Am, that I Am” and sent signs of His awesome power.

“It cost Pharaoah both his own life and that of his son. Signs have been sent. Next comes the ax. Let God’s people go!

“I pray that the son of President Buhari recovers quickly and I wish him well. I also pray for all those Nigerians whose loved ones were either murdered, met with an untimely death, or tragedy over Christmas. May God grant us all peace and good health as we enter the new year,” he wrote.

DAILY POST reports that the former Minister had been a major critic of the current administration before the Friday wedding which is currently the most talked about event in the country in recent time.

Fani-Kayode was one of the dignitaries who according to a renowned Islamic cleric, Ahmed Gumi, hired all private jets in the country to attend the president’s son’s wedding.

He has sighted mingling with the Minister of Communications, Sheik Isa Pantami whom he recently referred to as a beast.

DAILY POST recalls that in an opinion published in most national newspapers on April 22, Fani-Kayode described Pantami as the “hater of Christians and non-Muslims.”

“He is a religious bigot, an ethnic supremacist, an unrepentant fighter, a lover of bloodshed, carnage, and terror, and a psychopathic and insane individual who may well have been responsible for the slaughter of many innocent Christians over the years as a consequence of his inflammatory rhetoric and reckless actions”.

Following backlash from concerned Nigerians who were angry over his ‘unstable nature of politics’, Fani-Kayode said he is now “friend” with the communication minister.

“I offer no apology or explanation and I need no validation from you. You either trust my judgment or you do not and either way, I do not care,” he said in part.

“You see my faith teaches me to forgive those that express regrets about their past actions and utterances and to be at peace with as many people as possible.

“It also teaches me to shake a hand when it is extended to me in friendship”, he said.

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