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Dmitry Tarasov spoke about a joint project with Dava



 Dmitry Tarasov

Despite the fact that the marriage of a football player and an artist broke up five years ago, passions around their names are still raging. It turned out that Dmitry Tarasov received an offer of cooperation with rapper Dava, with whom Olga had a serious relationship after the divorce.

The athlete admitted that he was invited to a certain project, another participant of which could be a popular blogger. According to the footballer, he immediately rejected the offer.

“I refused,” Dmitry wrote in his microblog, answering the relevant question.

Rumors about a project that could be dedicated to Buzova have been circulating for a long time. Some time ago, Dava said that he would not act with Tarasov under any circumstances.

“If I did that, I would sink to the bottom of the bottom! If I do so, just take it and confidently unsubscribe from me! I repeat once again: only the bottom can do this, ”said the rapper.


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