DJ Le Soul speaks on her relationship with Black Coffee


DJ Le Sou
You can spot her name among the top ten most-streamed music artists right now. DJ Le Soul is on a takeover and while she continues to grow the brand, she’s grateful to have DJ Black Coffee at her disposal to help her navigate the industry better.

Speaking to a local publication, the DJ said she admired how much Black Coffee invested in her career by giving her advice and always making time for her.

“People know ubuti Nathi as this great musician he is magnificent … he’s elevated my life … whether he is in Ibiza, Greece or anywhere in the world, I can send him something and he’ll reply in his busy schedule and give honest input,” she says.

“I think his approach is very welcoming, so just having access to someone like that who’s our biggest export in SA right now, it’s not something I take for granted … he’s very supportive.”

Speaking of the greatest advice she’s received from the international DJ, Le Soul said she liked that Black Coffee had acknowledged her love for music after watching her perform and enjoyed her set.

“After my performance at Deep in the City he told me that he could tell that I was playing from the heart and telling a story … it affirmed the reasons why I started.”

Le Soul, who recently released an EP titled Higher Frequencies after working on it through the lockdown, said this was a “project that the people need”.

“There are feelings that we feel and can’t express sometimes .. .and I felt to embody that for the people. There are so many layers to the project. The doing with Khaya is about love then there’s another one about ancestors … there’s an element of Africans that I did not want to lose in this project,” she said.

As an all-round creative who plays multiple instruments, produces music and has amazing vocals, Le Soul says she wants to leave her mark in the industry as a skilled artist.

“When they speak of black woman who could produce, play multiple instruments and could play well and transitioning name, I should be the first point of reference … I’m building the archives … when you’re building such archives you’re not worried about the most popular … people are loving my music and are getting a sense of who I am. The reason I started was to build the foundation for others to show them how far music can take you.”