26Boy Biography; Early Life, Awards

dat26boy 1 26BOY JUSTONE 2021 07 25T11 35 56.000ZNigerian Artist and songwriter, Didimako OgheneRukevwe OgheneMase known professionally as 26Boy, the name’s coined from his date of birth on 26th April 1999.
He started music at a very young age unintentionally, the music calls, the music has always been along the line, singing in the children church choir.

In an interview, he said “I don’t like to move with the crowd, I am better at following myself, people always lead me astray, I follow my gut, it’s my God” and he mentioned that “my music is an evolution of me, I grow with it, it’s my life, yeah, for real, I put my life in my music, real-life”.

He did a comedy skit with Reekado Banks Rora, remixing the lyrics of the song with a “flat Bumbum” Lady dancing on the other side of the video. With no actual promo push, that video was all over the country and beyond. A genuine talent cannot hide.dat26boy

In 2021, 26BOY released an EP Album and titled it RUKEVWE (album/songs link), which he revealed a lot about what was going on in his life at that moment, he’s good at that, a genuine Artist.

The first song in the EP RUKEVWE is “Sun god” (wow, what a name? ;)) ) where he had to fight Sun god for what he loves, what he wants, but you know nothing comes without a price, he fought and won. :))

In the 2nd Track of EP RUKEVWE which is “26 GOAT” he briefly his present situation, the state of mind he was in, telling his listeners to follow their God and not Jesus Christ (then who’s they God), and he made mention of the hate he’s receiving from the people around him, and fellow colleagues in the music industry because he chose to be different with his music. He’s totally different. And he mentioned dropping out of school, we will see to that though, I think he had to choose between music and school.


Once upon a time, at about 2016, RUKEVWE fell in love with a girl in the church choir, we won’t mention her name, and dated for almost 4yrs, he loved her so much until the music called, and the next step was to chose between Love affairs or Music, guess what, he chose Music. Broke his girlfriend’s heart and the of his, he saw it coming and made it happen, wow.
And for a long time he’s riding his music, no girlfriend, just music, I wonder how he managed to survive the sex part of it, well that’s a story for another day.

He is the first Son of his mom and dad, but definitely not the first song of Dad, and that goes with Momo too. 3 younger brothers are all boys in the family home. OgheneRuese, OgheneTekevwe, and OgheneOchuko.


The family did not support Music journey fully, as a matter of fact, they thought he was possessed by some evil/demonic spirit and that’s what is leading him to do music with so much dedication and to give little attention to Academic works, at a time he was brought to the church pastor for Deliverance and Counselling.


Anything goes well on him, but he lives looking ghetto and street even on the gentleman clothing, with his Iconic Orange Toy Gun (mak)


26BOY was born Didimako OgheneRukevwe OgheneMase in 26th April, 1999, in Warri, Delta state. He grew up in his Father’s house with his mother who is a pentecostal Christian and 3 younger siblings. His father is a Barrister.

He grew up listening to a lot of different artists and musicians, their words have inspired him to move on and boosted his musical skills at some point.

In a recent interview, he said, ” I love to listen to Nasty C a lot, his music makes me do my thing regardless, I listen to Jay-z Talks, that man talks to me directly and Uhm, I listen to my personal legends Wizkid, Burna Boy, Erigga, Davido and lots of other Artists”.


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