Court sentence, El Chapo’s wife to three years imprisonment


Emma Coronel Aispuro
Emma Coronel Aispuro, the wife of Mexican drug lord Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán (El Chapo), has been sentenced to three years in prison for drug trafficking. She was convicted on Tuesday.

On February 22, 31-year-old was arrested in Virginia for conspiracy to import and distribute cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine in the U.S., money laundering, and violating the Kingpin Act by dealing in her husband’s property.

After her arrest, the drug lord’s wife saved time and pleaded guilty to all the charges levelled against her, thereby reducing her sentence.

According to CNN, before her sentence, Ms Aispuro expressed remorse for her actions and pleaded with the court to ignore her status as a “drug lord’s wife” and consider her nine-year-old twins.

Although her crime was serious, the federal prosecutor Anthony Nardozzi said her role was minimal. Considering she had no prior criminal record and was married to the drug lord as a minor, Ms Aispuro was handed four years of supervised release and forfeiture of $1.5 million.

“Good luck. Hope you raise your twins in a different environment than what you have experienced to date. Good luck,” the judge told Ms Aispuro.

El Chapo, considered one of the most powerful drug dealers globally, was arrested for murder, money laundering, drug trafficking, racketeering, organised crime is currently serving life imprisonment plus 30 years at ADX Florence, Colorado, U.S.