Court jails former Czech football supremo 6 years for corruption

Miroslav Pelta

Former Czech football supremo Miroslav Pelta has been sentenced to six years in prison for corruption, the CTK news agency reported on Friday.

The report said that Pelta was also fined close to 200,000 euros in the case which centres on manipulations of the distribution of public development funds in favour of certain clubs.

Mr Pelta was the chairperson of the Czech Football Association between 2011 to 2017.

A former deputy minister found guilty to have influenced the distribution of funds was sentenced to six years and three months of imprisonment, while three other defendants were acquitted.

Pelta and the deputy minister had protested their innocence. The affair led to the resignation of education and sports minister Katerina Valachova in 2017.

The ministry had named the damage at 43 million euros and plans to seek compensation in a civil lawsuit.