Conducting LG elections Masari’s biggest challenge: Chief of Staff

Conducting LG elections Masaris biggest challenge Chief of Staff

Muntari Lawal, the chief of staff to Governor Aminu Masari, says conducting local government elections in Katsina is the government’s “biggest challenge.”

“Organising the LG elections is a very critical aspect of governance, and we are going to do the election before the end of this tenure, even though we have not fixed a date. We are going to do it because it is the biggest challenge ahead of us. It will help the people have a good local administration,” Mr Lawal admitted. “We will also make sure we complete the existing projects on education, environment and other major projects for the development of the state.”

He did not mention if the challenge is due to the incessant violent attacks by bandits in the state. However, bandits have made life difficult for Katsina residents, particularly in rural areas where many people live. Several hundreds of schoolchildren, women and little children had been kidnapped for ransom.

Mr Lawal revealed this while briefing journalists on Tuesday on the activities of the government.

According to him, Mr Masari’s administration has been focused on completing the project it started before his tenure ends in 2023, pointing out that the elections are among issues left for the government to achieve before the 2023 general election.

“After we have achieved all these, then we wait until we say goodbye to the people of Katsina after the 2023 elections,” he said.

The governor and his chief of staff have repeatedly said they had no plans to contest any political office in the 2023 general elections.