Chief Keef – Bitch Where Lyrics

Chief Keef Bitch Where

Made it out the Chi’
If I didn’t, wouldn’t see today
It’s a setback, everytime I see the cage
You got warfare, if you do then we can play
It got real dark, I’m like “Bro, I see the way”
It can be Nacho Cheese, my lil’ shorty Frito-Lay
I look both ways crossin’ the streets and that shit still wasn’t safe
I don’t go to church, man, damn I need to pray
S-O-S-A, B-A-B-Y, gang
Eff, eff, eff, how that pound smell?
We don’t know you boy, get your ass from ’round here
For the round table, I went bought some round chairs
Fendy, Louwop and Guwop, my lounge gear
At the gun range, sound checkin’, sound clear
She want the guwop, the louwop, I don’t wear
Tell your man (Bop-bop-bop), don’t go there
I’m in the church, and I’m tryna get my soul clear
Wrote my name on the wall, hope it don’t smear
Said I love you forty times, I was sincere
He poppin’ out with same clothes that my bitch wear
Dirty hoe said I was broke, and I said, “Bitch where?”
All my exes missing out, they need to get here
All these bitches up in my hair like some L’Oréal
Bro got booked in 2011, it feel like forty years
This chicago, n****!

Hi, lil’ Keef, Granny is so proud of you
Goin’ on with your life, go down to my house and kept going
Granny just love it, keep going, baby, keep going
Granny just love how you move and doing yourself, and doing yourself well
Thank God

Written by: Chief Keef

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