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Cardi B Settles Lawsuit with Ex-Manager, Signals She’s Free



Cardi B

Cardi B‘s legal beef with her ex-manager is finally over and she seems to be pretty dang pleased with the results.

The rapper settled the dispute between her and Shaft, her ex-manager, who sued her for $10 mil in 2018 claiming he discovered her, and that she left him out in the cold once she truly blew up after the success of her first megahit “Bodak Yellow.”

Shaft claimed his team of writers/producers crafted that song for her, and not only that he alleged he put her on the path to mainstream fame by getting her on VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop’ only to be denied proper payment when she secured millions thereafter.

Cardi, of course, countersued for $15 million claiming the contract she signed with him way back when was incredibly unfair and way too one-sided not to mention greedy in how much of a cut he was allegedly trying to collect from her (a 20% commission at first and then 50% off her Sony publishing deal later, she claimed). She also said that Shaft tried controlling almost every aspect of her life including whom she could date, like Offset.

Those lawsuits were working their way through the system for a while and Cardi was even making requests about how her upcoming deposition oughta be handled but in the end, it appears both sides have reached a mutual agreement to sweep all this under the rug.

All HipHop obtained docs showing the matter was dismissed with prejudice meaning neither party can refile about the same grievance again. They also agreed to cover their own attorneys’ fees.

Usually, that means money’s exchanged hands in some form but by the way, Cardi’s talking after news broke of her settlement. it would appear she considers herself the victor.

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