Brazil police probe Bolsonaro for inflated vaccine contract


Brazil police probe Bolsonaro for inflated vaccine contract
Brazil’s federal police have formally begun a probe of President Jair Bolsonaro over alleged irregularities in the purchase of an Indian vaccine.

The police could now question him, on the order of the Supreme Court.

The president has been caught up in allegations of irregularities surrounding the 1.6 billion reais ($316 million) vaccine contract.

It was signed in February for 20 million doses with a Brazilian intermediary for the vaccine’s maker, Bharat Biotech.

A Brazilian Senate commission investigating the administration’s handling of the pandemic has cited suspicions of overpricing and corruption related to the contract.

Some senators have alleged that Bolsonaro did not immediately look into allegations of wrongdoing when he was alerted.

After the reports of irregularities became public, the government suspended the contract.

The scandal has hurt Bolsonaro’s standing in the polls.

Many are upset over his handling of the world’s second deadliest coronavirus outbreak, the vaccine corruption allegations and rising prices for fuel, power and food.

Brazilian federal prosecutors and the comptroller general’s office, or CGU, are also separately investigating the alleged irregularities in the deal.

Bolsonaro has denied any wrongdoing.