Blxckie – plug call (freestyle) Lyrics

Blxckie plug call freestyle Lyrics, Blxckie plug call Lyrics

The plug keep calling saying that he got something for me and my gang
Bossing up, I went straight to the dollar from rand
International, play my shit loud in japan
They call me blxckie the chef, I pulled up with a whip and spatula, arm in the pan,
Said you widdit, you lied, I pulled up and you ran
Feeling good, I took so many pictures with fans

Pull up with bros to the party, its heating up,
Look at my wrist and its freezing up,
Game was too dirty, I came with the broom and I clean it up,
Jump in the crowd and they creasing my clothes

Man everything I do gon’ impress a bitch
Call up lethabo to put me in rick
Im too wavy I get on the stage, almost slip
I aint dancing but I got my hand my..
Hip from beginning
Im the lieutenant
Came with the paint
Changing the image
Whole different time
Whole different lineage
Designer shades,
Shoutout to vinny

Yeah thats bro, thats my cousin
Go against him and get punished
Came from the muhfuckin gutter
Used to put ac’ in my tummy
Versace frame on the side of my face
Walk in the club and these bitches they chase
Came a long way from the shacks and the jakes
I’ve been stacking the bread, it should come in a crate

My birthday everyday happy belated
Everything litty, I stay celebrating
Alla you pussy ass n***** is lazy
I drop me a hit and go missing like brady.