Billy (빌리) – Goodbye, my first love (안녕, 나의 첫사랑) Lyrics English Translation

Billy Goodbye my first love Lyrics English Translation

how did i get to know you
you treated me comfortably

Behind the image of me pretending to be carefree
my heart was pounding

We, who had a lot in common, are only getting closer
Suddenly, I hated being friends.
what do i do with my heart

Your heart that seemed to be invisible
I write novels by myself

what do i do if i like you
I took it out like a fool

fluttering night
That night when I was sleepy
I used to draw you every day
Your heart sank at those few words of your mischievous laugh

I was angry
I hate you so much
I didn’t say anything
Hiding in the alleyway where I left you
That night I cried endlessly

holding me as a friend
That heart only made me miserable

I turned away from you
so we’re so far apart

was beautiful
The first love of that painful day
I was clumsy
that heart
It was like white paper
My face is clear
you now
how are you doing
i hated you a lot
in my lust
Days that hurt you
I really want to tell you this

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