BG – 2Much Lyrics

BG 2Much Lyrics

I don’t rap too much
Feel trapped
Cah I’m stuck in the trap too much
Now, my friends, dem think I’m a fool
Cah I Dish out the pack too much

Could be the hand ting or the revolver
Back up il back this pole
Salute all my woahs
3all my Bros soon
Don’t watch dat
You soon land road

Can’t sleep on the bankroll
Man had to bank up
Sleep in the bandos too
My success rates high
My percentage fair
hired for the bando booms
Shot flake on the snap
and they ain’t got waps
No wonder your friend
Warn line you for that
If I come and your open for business
Then you have to produce that pack
How come she wanna sex on me
Back then man the Gyal use to flex on me
Them time I didn’t have a yard
I use to sleep in the car with the
Rex on me
She knows that my days complex
Just cool
Stop Calling and texting me
I ain’t linking until this pack done
She garn have to stay vex wid me

I’m here for a good run
not a long one
Man I ain’t had fun in a minute
I like this rap
but I love this trap
Iv risked life way way
more than iv lived in
We got guns this side on the finch
U think I give a fuck bout friction
Told a pheen when the council move you
Make sure the stoves in the kitchen
I get bored of the Gyal in my dm
They just warn play too much
They need to free up my bro bro DK
They gave the man way too much
Man I can’t waste no more time
I’ve been in the cage too much
The mandem got grab on surveillance
Fuck man I really can’t say too much
I can’t waste now more time
I’v been in the cage too much
The mandem got grabbed on subsilace
I really can’t say too much

I’m at Colvers trynna record
But it’s hard cah the cats warn ring
Could be the wah
Bought my 45 before my diamond ring
I’m feeling like Chang I’m feeling like ching
Karate chop and cling
I’m in probation hearing vibrations
I’m feeling like drake when the hotline ring
The bandos
stress every days a story
It was nuttin like shiros
The roads are a slip
u could end up in chip
Don’t slip on that tight rope
I’m a dboy wid a clean toy
man I don’t know about giro
I was really on the high road Trynna flame a man man feel like spyro

Iv proved myself im a big man for this
Nah they don’t want this surely
Went jail and I done 4 laps
didn’t get that back
still ran up a 40
I done tour in jail
I Done tour in o
Now I’m wid backroad getting toury
I send order
Made Likkle man
Make bigman
Lef up Abackroad Gorey

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