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Big Brother Naija 2022 Week 7 Voting Poll Season 7

Big Brother Naija 2022 Week 7 Voting Poll Season 7

Welcome To The Big Brother Naija Level Up Season 7 2022 Voting Website.

You can join the online voting poll to vote in BBNaija housemates 2022. Please join us in voting for the winner of the Nigerian reality show.

The winner of BBNaija 2022 will be announced on the last day of the live reality show, and the finalist with the most votes wins.

Week 6 Poll for Big Brother Naija 2022 Housemate Season 7

Default titleBBMzansi Season 4 Week 6 Eviction Poll 2024

You can vote here and still use the DStv App to cast your vote for your favorite contestants in the Big Brother Naija TV show.

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BBNaija 2022 Week 7 Voting Poll Season 7

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Multiple voting is allowed for your choice of contestants in the BBNaija 2022.


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