BBN Reunion Update: “He didn’t even last 5 seconds, after all the bragging” – Ka3na

BBN Reunion Update He didnt even last 5 seconds after all the bragging – Ka3na


Every episode in the Big Brother Naija Reunion, lockdown edition unravels complicated puzzles in the house during the show.

In today’s episode, Ka3na confirms sex with Praise, Dorathy and Wathoni confirmed they gave Brighto a mouth hug.

During the show last year, there was a viral video on the social media platform of Praise and Ka3na sleeping together.

Many viewers concluded that both of them had physical intimacy that night after one Saturday night party.

But when Ka3na and Praise left the Big Brothers House, they denied having sex in the House.

But today Ka3na surprised viewers with a shocking revelation when she mentioned that they both had sex in the house twice.

According to her, “He didn’t even last 5 seconds, after all the bragging.

“So, I left the room to the sitting room to chill.”

She sounded disappointed as she narrates her experience with praise in the house. The housemate could not control their laughter when they had Ka3na’s narrative.

Even the show host could not resist the urge to laugh out loud.

Kidwaya, Dorathy, and Brighto laughed when they heard that Praise could not last for 5 seconds

All the housemates were surprised by Ka3na’s revelation

Praise is yet to react to Ka3na’s claim that he could not last up to 5 seconds.

Maybe in the next episode his own reaction

That was what happen between Ka3na and Praise.