Big Brother Naija Season 7

BBMzansi: Don’t mess with Biggie


Imagine getting out of bed, putting on your gym gear and walking to the Arena for your morning workout, only to find the place a total mess.

When you look around you are greeted by sand, dry grass and unrolled tissues all over the place. Ladies and gents, this is the reality that Big Brother Mzansi Housemates woke up to this morning.

No one messes with Biggie and he needed to remind the Housemates that above all, he still sits on top of the hierarchy. The Big man, hasn’t been happy with the Housemates’ lack of enthusiasm and determination especially when it comes to their exercise routine. What enraged Biggie even more, is that yesterday the Housemate only exercised for thirty minutes as opposed to the full hour.

When people deliberately disobey you, they need to face up and accept the punishment. In total disbelief, the Housemates started cleaning the Arena and on completion they walked to the House and to their shock, the entire place looked like it was hit by a hurricane. There was flour everywhere and tissues laying around.

Nale couldn’t hold back her irritation, Sis Tamara had to step in and tell her not to let Biggie upset her. They even encouraged her to go outside for a smoke so that she could calm down. Some of the Housemates kept muttering just how low the man in charge is. Nthabii suggested that they should scoop the flour that’s on the floor and use it to cook for Biggie.

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