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BBMzansi 2022: First night in Biggie’s epic full House with lot of activities

picBBMzansi 2022 First night in Biggie’s epic full House

It’s game on and the Housemates are measuring up to the energy we hoped for this season

Eighteen Housemates have joined the BBMzansi House and with their diverse and dynamic personalities, the Housemates have shown up in many ways we did not imagine.

From the epic entrances to the buzzing chants for the drinks, the House came alive the moment these Housemates stepped on that stage.

The general atmosphere in Biggie’s House is quite vibrant and colourful with all the Housemates eager to explore every corner in Big Brother’s House.

First night in Biggies epic full House – BBMzansi

Come on now, who wouldn’t love exploring this House – we are here for this vacation look and feel, just what we needed this summer. That said, we think the Fire Pit and the Jacuzzi may be a firm favourite for a few Housemates – for steamy conversations. And the Fire Pit is where it was at tonight.

Conversations ranged from personal stories and some passionate arguments about one-nighters.

We may be a little early to this shipping part but Themba and Nale made the first feature in the Jacuzzi as they blew off some steam while they relaxed and played catch up on their introductions.


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