Bad Bunny – Un Verano Sin Ti Lyrics English Translation

Bad Bunny Un Verano Sin Ti Lyrics English Translation

I do not know what happened
Another love that suddenly failed
It’s raining in my room and the sun is outside
Hey, hey, tell me what happened
If I was the one who failed

Sorry for being me, hey
And not be the man you deserved
I may mature, but in another life
Nobody was ready for a goodbye
for a farewell

And now it’s a summer without you
I’m having a good time, I’m not going to lie to you
But sometimes your name won’t let me sleep
Thinking of all the plans we made
But that was fate (Hey)

You know how I am, baby, I hardly hang out
And now I go out every day to see if I see you
Even if it’s from far away, with the hookah and the perreo
Tomorrow I’m going to therapy, today I’m going for tea
Another message I write and don’t send
But just in case I keep it in my notes’
Alejandro Sanz with a broken heart
And I with a broken soul
So much’ advice of love that I have already given
But they don’t seem to work on me
Maybe someone has already fallen in love with you
It hurts not to be that person
They are no longer my joke’ those that give you grace
I am no longer the reason for your smile
There is no more mess inside the house
I didn’t even sunset in Ibiza
Where did that look go?
That without words everything told me?
I swear I didn’t imagine what it felt like or what it would be like
a summer without you

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