Anuel AA – La2Blea Lyrics English Translation

Anuel AA La2Blea Lyrics English Translation

Everything Foreign, haha
Real to death, did you hear, lambebicho?
Andamo ‘the devil’ with the draco’, with the R and with the glopeta ‘well endemoniao’
Brr (Brr)
The AA (Ah?)

Anuel, YOVNGCHIMI, Ñengo are the trinity of Tito (Real G4 Life)
‘Toy so millionaire that the clothes I do not repeat (Repeat)
Show me the respect and I’ll give you a ‘pair of t-shirts’ (Brr)
You ‘put him well, but mine la’o look small’ (The AA)
If there is no hundred million’, I will not sign the contract
And if the bug blows me well, I’ll fuck him up to the ass (Haha!)
Selling yerba lenta, oxy and also parakeet (Parakeet)
Taking care of the indictment and the RICO Law (RICO Law)

Motherfucker, I don’t talk much because the feds are always listening (Listening)
I have ten phone ’cause the calls’ are always intercepting (-cepting)
Judas is already dead, now to ‘the world is loyal at the table at which we are’ dining (Amen)
Your brothers ‘who ended up being strange’ because they ended up chatting (Brr)
Recording with the R, with drum and the glopeta (-peta)
A couple of murder’, now to ‘the world respects us (me)
My accountant is crazy, the bastard says they stole to ‘my millions’
But he laughs and says to me: “While we solve ‘you got another fifteen million…'”
If the baby goes, I throw the Scorpion and vira pa’trá’ (Uh)
I got Sub-Zero on my neck, VVS on ice, stone’ like crack (VVS)
I go down to PR and I move arma’o, armada’o in two hundred’ Four Truck (With the R on top)
I don’t even say it anymore, to’ the world says it, bastard, I’m the god of trap (Real to death)
The crime wave goes up, the murders go up’ (The murders’)
Take care of the panas tuyo’, that they do not janguen in war because I kill them (Because I kill them)
The .22 in the waist, sending you with the M4 (Brr)
I split it ‘ on the express, get on, he already died a while ago (Hahaha!)
Millionaire, I hunt you lowkey (Lowkey)
We’ll put you ‘a GP on the G (On the G)
In a couple of days’ ‘tán las camisa’ with your photo and below written “RIP” (Amen), brr
The coins are from Austria (Austria), money doesn’t change me (Ah?)
He betrays me ‘and he dies’, I send you ‘pa’l cielo with Black Mamba (May Kobe rest in peace)
Smoking THC
My Glocks to the la’o of the ‘toa’ number have the “C” (Brr)
They wait for me in hell, but I don’t lose faith (Amen)
You snored with cojone’ and you got into the PDT (Canto ‘e chota), brr
Witness protection’ (Very cool)
Ante’ was ‘my friend and now enemy’ (Enemy’)
We are ‘demon’ or with three ‘R of position’, I tell mine’ (To mine’)
“I’m not afraid of any man
Always calls the po, never damo’ the name (Never damo’ the name)
I already realized that they were attacking us with fugitive ‘that in truth’ they don’t even hide (Ah?)
We’re ‘a torque, pair of dead’ in the morgue (In the morgue)
At the ‘e Reebok con las corta’ conference at Footlocket (Haha!)
So much money that makes your brother double you (Canto ‘e puerco)
With what you stole from me you bought a couple of mansione’ (Real to death, did you hear, lambebicho?)

I am the Torres de Sabana farmhouse (Ah?)
I have two guns’, bastard, pa ‘your two faces’ (Brr)
And the federale’ wanted me to chop (The old one)
But I was a criminal before ‘ that I sang (Lambebicho)
G-27, J-80 (Brr)
Knife’ in prison, but on the street are.40 (G-27)
Hector “The Father” told me to regret
And may I not be afraid of the devil who torments me (Amen)
The one who tells me to kill them, that love is disadvantage (That love is disadvantage)
That I give them the shot in the face to ‘that they close the box (To ‘ that they close the box)
That he does not believe in friends ‘neither in the high ‘ nor in the low’ (Ah?)
That trusting a bastard is a double-edged sword (Brr, brr)
Already the whore’ they suck me (They suck me)
They’re with you when you’re upstairs and they forget when a bastard puts you to bed (Brr)
That’s why it’s lead or silver to the whores who lend themselves (Who lend themselves)
Because if the lion dies, the hyenas’ make a party (The hyenas’ make a party)
I left them for The Marginal and we ‘started’ to walk (Brr, brr)
They answered me, but they could not maneuver (Maneuver)
I crashed them and I got off by turning it on ‘pa’l cristal (Ah?)
I opened the door, snored at them and applied them again (Did you see, lambebicho?)
I know what it’s like to fight with a tecato even for ten cents’ (For ten cents’)
He wants to buy me drugs, to give him a break without the guys’ (Singing ‘and son of a bitch)
Until one day I moved with my first eighth (Ah?)
After the first kilo and more I never became a slave again (Brr)
It’s a disease ‘ like AIDS (Like AIDS)
The fucking street is the pandemic that takes life (Real to death)
By weight pair ‘and respect are divided family’ (Ah?)
That’s why I always keep reading the Bible, brr
Already I vo’a to forgive me, deep down ‘e my heart I’m sorry
‘Cause I got a black heart and it’s never happy (It’s never happy)
And it’s the bill of my life, there’s gonna be no discount (No)
Because I planned to regret it at the last moment
I have a stick in my hand, bastard, like Moses (Like Moses)
I always talk to God, but if he listens to me I don’t know (If he listens to me I don’t know)
The estatale’, the homicide’ and sergeant’ arrived (Ah?)
They picked up the casings ‘and they were more than three hundred’ (Brr)
When the federale arrive ‘don’t go’ to chotear (Don’t go ‘ to chotear)
Remember that the indictment is going to explode someday (Ah?)
And don’t fuck up ‘ with the de’o, start questioning
That inside ‘the prison, bastard, we can ‘ kill you (reeks of corpse, lambón)
Death does not forgive and the only thing that separates us from it (Hahaha)
It’s time or the.40 with cooling (cooling) system
Death is certain from the moment of birth (Amen)
Here we die ‘from the TV, we don’t live ‘from the books’ (Brr)
And the devil is talking to me every ve’ that the R I’m shooting it (Shooting)
Every time I see ‘that to’ this’ magazine’ I’m changing them
Every time I see that I throw them I’m giving them to you (I’m giving them to your face)
Every time I get in a car and I’m hunting you, lambebicho (Brr)
He cuts her in the armpit, smoking a Phillie while we ‘pay’ the gadgets’ (The gadgets’)
I throw them ‘they go for the helmet and I don’t trust’ the one who kills for a contract
I am a 27, ask the leadership

Real to death, you hear, motherfucker?
A lot of crime, a lot of draco’, a lot of R, a lot of glopeta
A lot of money, brr!
G-27, J-80

  • Written by: Anuel AA
  • Album: La2Blea
  • Released: 2022

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