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Amaka, Cyph, and Khalid’s first night’s drama in the Big Brother House – BBNaija

The first nights drama in the Big Brother House BBNaija
The first nights drama in the Big Brother House BBNaija

Amaka first night drama in the Big Brother House – BBNaija

After Big Brother officially welcomed our first set of Housemates, they got down to the business of picking their closet spaces and beds. This was of course preceded by a quick tour through Biggie’s house with the ladies taking in the decor.

Shortly thereafter soaking in the moment of being the ones chosen to call Biggie’s House home this season, the Housemates went on to get better acquainted with one another. Amaka, Cyph, and Khalid gravitated toward each other in the dining area where they went into a deep conversation about the dating streets.

Reminded of Ebuka’s question during the Live Show yesterday, the conversation between the trio in the dining room took on a serious turn. As though Cyph had been mulling over the “love at first sight” question since entering the House, he was heard telling his fellow Housemates “You shouldn’t ignore the red flags.” a point that Amaka seemed to fully agree on.

Beauty, Phyna, and Daniella soon joined the conversation in the dining area where the former beauty queen revealed that she is still friends with all her exes. Things took on a steamy turn when the Housemates; Amaka, Cyph, Khalid, Beauty, Daniella, and Pyna started playing the Never-have-I-ever game.

The steamy conversation lightened up a bit when Phyna described everyone as Mercy Johnson in the Nollywood movie called Dumebi Goes to School, which got everyone chuckling when as soon as they got the reference.

Beauty and Daniella quickly got into a tussle of words which sent Bryann to Daniella’s rescue as he tried to calm her down. Amaka decided to check on Daniella who was visibly upset and had decided to call it a night. She offered her some tips on how to deal with the situation and advised her not to let anyone get to her.

The rest of the Housemates still went at it with their conversation that took on different turns, from the impressions that they had of one another, to the double standards that exist in society today.


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