Alisa Xayalith – I’ll Be There Lyrics

Alisa Xayalith I’ll Be There Lyrics

I know that you’re lonely
Pick you up on Sunday
Ooo, tell me what you wanna do
Crying over ice cream
It’s not the worse thing
Ooh you’re feeling worse than it seems

We don’t have to talk if you don’t wanna talk I know you had a bad day
Left you in the worse way

When it all goes wrong
(I ‘II be there)
You just have to call
(i’/1 be there)
When you’re too far gone
(you know i care)
Heavy is the feeling
Tell me if (that ) you need me

You can hold my hand yea
If you need a hand
Ooh I know some of us do
Driving down the coastline
Soaking up the sunlight
Singing sad sad songs

I can wait patiently
Until your guard is down
You do the same for me
That’s why i stick around

  • Written by: Alisa Xayalith, Jason Suwito, Tyler Spry
  • Album: I'll Be There
  • Released: 2022

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