Alfredo Olivas – Vaivén Lyrics English Translation

Alfredo Olivas Vaivén Lyrics English Translation

Back and forth

When it can and does not rain on wet,
when the moors on the coast are not seen,
when I calculate that the waters have calmed down
it’s when I write to know if you’re okay.

When I have fulfilled my role of well-behaved,
when it has stopped I repeat of raining,
when the ground is already clear
I’m stepping aside so I can read to you.

You are my good and I’m not afraid to say it
although when I say it I lower my voice
and in the swing of what is and is not allowed
right in the middle we both meet.

The last thing I think about before I go to sleep,
you are the dream that I like to dream the most,
a sigh that never escapes me
and the first thing I do right when I wake up.

I like it when it sounds like the heat of the cups,
that song that reminds me so much of you,
the feeling of ordering a whiskey on the rocks
and it takes me back to the day I met you.

You are without a doubt my favorite sin,
the mischief that I will tell no one,
the kiss I definitely need
a smile that escapes unintentionally.

Long live rock, long live jazz,
viva la cumbia, viva el tequila, the bacanora and the mezcal,
when your livid meets with my substance,
it is de rigueur that nothing can go wrong.

(Spoken) Uuupa…. Long live about us

  • Written by: Alfredo Olivas
  • Album: Vaivén
  • Released: 2022

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