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A “Match Made In Hell” Presents Satan and 2020 Because Why Not



A “Match Made In Hell” Presents Satan & 2020 Because Why Not

Brands usually wait until the Super Bowl to drop their greatest ads, but Match couldn’t wait for the year’s end to drop this funny, unhinged promotion. The app paired up with board member Ryan Reynolds and his company, Maximum Effort, to bring us the “Match Made in Hell”: Satan and 2020.

In the video, Satan (in a Hellboy-like interpretation) and 2020 (a petite woman) meet on Match. What was a hard year for all of us was actually their beautiful love story soundtracked by, what else, “Love Story” by Taylor Swift. Swift is actually in the midst of rerecording her older music after a dispute with Scooter Braun over her masters, and when Reynolds asked her to use a snippet of the new version of “Love Story,” she obliged.

2020 may have been hell for all of us, but at least she found her person — and we got to hear some new-old Taylor Swift.


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