Blood Red Shoes – GIVE UP Lyrics

Blood Red Shoes GIVE UP

Can’t go outside because i’ll catch the disease
I’ll die on fire burning up with trees
Can’t you see
That everyone of them’s a liar and a thief
Well i got nothing left
And now the voice is telling me
To give up

The empty shelves are like the emptiness i feel
Dunno who to believe and i don’t know what’s real
I’ll leave my car i’ll leave my home i’ll leave my mind
Walk the streets in the dead of night and drink until i’m Blind
I give up

Take a pill
Take a hundred
Lost the thrill
Lost her number
Roll the dice
Pick a side
Choose your lover
It’s all over
Got no hope
Got no rage
Got no fury
Only pain
Got no purpose got no merit
Turn me off just for a minute
Give up